A. The diamond hone is moved to the correct angle by sliding the hone support to match up with the mark provided and then locked in position by lightly tightening the handle.

A. This depends on the tool and what you aim to do with it, but the standard choices are 25 and 30 degrees. These angles are marked on the hone support. Simply align with the datum mark and the hone holder will be at that angle. More specialist angles are also obtained easily, as well as graduation marks for a secondary micro bevel.
A. This is when, after sharpening the edge, the very tip is then honed at 1 to 2 degrees steeper.
A. This is done to remove as many of the scratches on the back of the blade. The more polished the metal is, the sharper your edge will be. If you imagine looking at the edge of the blade with a scratched back, it would be like looking at a saw blade. That is why the ‘Sharp Edge’ includes all the diamond finishing cloths which should give the blade that polished and sharp finish.
A. After sharpening the edge, a small wire or burr is created on the back of the blade. This needs to be worked off using the finest grade of diamond in the backing-off tool. Rub the back of the blade till it feels smooth, then repeat the sharpening motion. This will need to be repeated five or six times to make sure the burr has come off and you have a polished back.
A. You can sharpen a 3mm chisel easily by placing the blade spacer in the slot closest to the centre and then putting the chisel up against the spacer. Sharpen the chisel by sliding the top slider across the face of the chisel.
A. I haven’t worn a diamond hone out yet, but they are not expensive and easily replaced.
A. It depends on the blade’s condition. If the blade is badly chipped it will be better to grind the blade back on a grinding tool, being careful not to over-heat the edge. If the tool edge has just dulled, it should only take 20 to 30 seconds.
A. The Sharp Edge will only sharpen square-edged blades from 3mm (1/8″) to 85mm (3 3/8″) i.e., it will not sharpen curved chisels.

‘This is an excellent piece of kit – fast, accurate sharpening to a very high standard.’

‘SImple and repeatable – got the edge back every time.’

“First impressions are very good & it’s easy to use with a good edge & razor sharp finish”

‘Very easy to use and maintain.’