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The ‘Sharp Edge’ is a simple and trouble-free way to sharpen chisels and plane blades from 3mm to 85mm wide. Light, robust and easily transported, the sharpener is quick to set up, and features a unique sharpening angle that can be varied from 23 to 90 degrees.

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The SharpEdge sharpening system
from G-Sharp Tools Ltd

The SharpEdge from G-Sharp Tools Ltd is a unique sharpening system allows the user to alter the angle needed to sharpen any square edge chisel or plane from 22deg – 90 deg.

We’ve listened to what people have said & improved the tool from it’s previous incarnations.

Designed to hone your chisels so you can hone your woodworking skills.

A tool that should make sharpening easy.

It is lightweight but very robust. Able to withstand knocking about in your tool bag or even falling of a work bench.

The SharpEdge will sharpen a 3 mm or 1/8” chisel right up to 85 mm or 3 3/8” and any square edged tool in between.

The smaller tools can be held in the centre of the unit so that it is easier to use the whole of the diamond hone.

The user is able to obtain consistent results with very little time needed to set up.

A Word from the inventor

“ As a cabinet maker, I need sharp chisels if I’m going to complete a job satisfactorily. But as anyone who works with these tools knows, they can easily become blunted through use or accidents. Sharpening them can be a time-consuming business and, all too often, the equipment available for the job is either heavy and inflexible or cumbersome and takes an age to set up.

That’s why I invested time and energy in inventing a chisel sharpener that is lightweight, easy-to-use, adaptable and, most important of all, dependable. The ‘Sharp Edge’ is all those things and more. In fact it will sharpen any chisel or plane blade – from 3mm to 85mm wide.

I hope you get as much satisfaction from using the ‘Sharp Edge’ as I do and that it helps you complete your jobs with total ease “

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